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Autor Tema: MEGA Construction Rework  (Leído 30 veces)


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MEGA Construction Rework
« en: Febrero 05, 2018, 12:36:59 pm »

I have seen many, many threads suggesting updates to construction, but most of these are just 'add this room', 'add that hot spot', 'change this graphic'. None of them go far enough in changing the actual mechanics of construction. I have commented on many of these threads, and thought it was about time I collected my ideas together, filled in some gaps, and tried to make sense of them all. This is the result, so I present in this thread a vision of what a reworked construction skill could be.

I understand that an update of this scale is a huge undertaking, so I have attempted to split it up into parts which, although designed to work together, could be implemented separately. Some parts have been written so they can be submitted to Runelabs and supported as separate suggestions (so I apologise if some of the posts sound a little disjointed or repetitive.)

These are just my random ideas, and as such are by no means perfect. Comments and improvements are welcome, so please feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas (especially if they are better than mine!) This is a big post, with lots of different ideas, so if you are just posting to say support, firstly thanks, but can I ask you to be specific and indicate which bits you especially liked (or disliked.)


more details:

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